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Livre d'or créé le 27/9/2006 22:31 Administré par
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A very good site, fantastic work. Thank you. BB Steiner

- De Steiner le 14/6/2011. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: Germany

What a fantastic site! I just discovered this site and happily spent several hours looking at all the great drawings on all the vehicles of WW2. Please keep up the good work! If you can expand your drawings on more of the hypothetical vehicles and equipment in WW2, I'm sure everyone will be appreciative. I was in AWE in what you have already. Best Regards.

- De EdN le 22/5/2011. Pays: Canada  

 Bravo ! Énorme travail et c'est très réussi ! Dommage qu'il faudrait trois vies pour finir ce site. Toutes les semaines je regarde les "news" pour voir ce qu'il y a de nouveau ! Seul petit regret : Pas assez de Beutepanzer et de chars des pays neutres ou peu importants (Suisse, Irlande, Amérique du sud ...).

- De Stonne le 27/4/2011. Pays: France   Région: Grenoble

 Wonderful Work, as always. I just have a few more ideas for consideration, the 1954 BATIGNOLLES-CHATILLON 25t, FV 215b, the A44 Comet with new turret and 17pdr gun, the A36 a heavy A30, 1916 CHAR LOURD FCM 1B, 1916 CHAR LOURD FCM A, M4A3 Sherman T34E2 'Hornets' Nest', VK.2801, VK.901, Schwimmpanzer II, 42mm Panzerjägerkanone 41 gun, 75mm LG 40 recoilless gun, Renault G 1 Heavy Tank, Chi Ha 4.7in Naval Gun.

- De BJC le 1/4/2011. Pays: Australie   Région: Newcastle

I wonder if it would be possible to fit a 15cm or 10.5cm K18 on a panther chassin, this would be an ideal solution foor the mobillity problems that were experienced whit those two pieces because of there weight. annyway, this site is awsome, I'm using som of the drawings for my powerpoint presentation for my History clas. grtz, wesley.

- De wesley le 9/3/2011. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: limburg

just a few further ideas: WW2; T26E4 Super Pershing T26E5 Jumbo Pershing T22E1 Autoloader equipped T20 M3 Grant Scorpion III/IV M3 BARV M5 with T39 Rocket Launcher M3/M3A1 with Satan Flame-gun M5A1 with E7-7 Flame Gun M5A1 with E9-9 Flame-throwing equipment M5A1 with E8 Flame-gun T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M4 Sherman Badger Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins CS Modern; M67 Zippo M60 Phoenix

- De BJC le 26/2/2011. Pays: Australie   Région: NSW

Hi again, I continue to be a avid fan of your site. I have noticed that you are concentrating on a variety of campaigns for your Modern Drawings section. May I suggest that the Iran Iraq War as a source of substantial content for your site. Iraqi AFV's such as the AMX 30, Chinese Type 59 and Type 69, T-72 and the Lion of Babylon Tank, while Iran offers the Chieftain, M47, M48, Shir 1 and Chonma-Ho. As to your WW2 section the American M7 Light Medium, 8cm and 10cm Panzerabwehrwerfers, 12.8cm PaK 44, the Matilda Scorpion, Matilda Frog, Matilda CS, Matilda Hedgehog, Valentine 7.92in flame mortar, Gun Carrier, 3in, Mk I, Churchill (A22D), M4 Sherman T40 Whizbang, M4A3R3 Zippo Sherman, Argentine M4 Repotenciado and the Chilean M50/60 Sherman.

- De BJC le 25/2/2011. Pays: Australie   Région: NSW

 This remains one of my favorite sites on the web, I was also very pleased to note your addition of a section of modern drawings. I would like to suggest some interesting new additions for both your WW2 and modern sections. WW2: The American M27 (T20 Medium Tank), the Anglo American T14 heavy tank project, the British A30 Avenger, the British A38 Valiant, the British Alecto SP Gun, New Zealand's Schofield tank, the American T92 HMC and T55E1 GMC, the M26 Super Pershing, LVT 4 with Flamethrower, LVT 4 with Rocket Launchers, the M4A3 (105) HVSS POA CWS H5, Soviet Sherman rearmed with the 76.2mm F34, Panzer II with Schwimmkorper, Panzer MKA, Captured German IS-2, SU-85, SU- 100, SU-122, T-34/76, T-34/85, KV-2. Modern: British FV4401 Contentious & FV4005 & FV4004 Conway, American T95 Medium Tank Project.

- De BJC le 21/12/2010. Pays: Australie   Région: NSW

 I was just wondering if you might consider tackling a few more hypothetical designs, the Panzer VIII Maus 'Bear' with the 305mm breech loading mortar, the Maus with the 127mm Naval Gun, the E100 with the 170mm KwK 44, the Centurion I with 17pdr Gun and Polsten Cannon, the SS Scwharzwolf, France's Panthers, the IS 7 to name but a few.

- De BJC le 8/10/2010. Pays: Australie  

 Wonderful site, tres bein!

- De BJC le 8/10/2010. Pays: Australie  

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