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4/10/2021 22:34
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High Quality Argumentative Essay
Writing an argumentative essay is an art of revealing all pros and cons of the topic in a way to persuade your reader to believe your idea. This is not an easy task, thus the topic and the arguments should be prepared carefully. The main aim of the essay is to prove, that your point of view on any phenomenon is a correct one (or, at least, it is more reliable than others). So, the first thing to do before writing an argumentative essay is to fulfill a strong research and find a plenty of supporting facts. These facts must be irrefutable, hence be attentive while gathering the information. According to student homework help experts another important thing is to write an argumentative essay within the topic you’re expert in. Inevitably, if you’re economic savvy, it will be impossible for you to write a successful argumentative essay on social issues, or other ones you’re not familiar with.

What to Speak About?
At first, choose the general field you want to talk about. Then, choose a narrow disputable topic. For example, if you’re going to write about medical law issues, you can speak about selling or using marijuana.
Remember, your topic should be:
• As much narrowed down as possible
• Adequately supported
• It should contain an argument (Remember, that questions, feelings or facts are not arguments)
At the same time, your position should be clear for a reader from the first line, hence you should avoid any hedging.

How to Speak?
Any argumentative essay must contain supporting and opposing ideas. So, it will be better to make a list of facts you choose to be your pros and cons before writing.
There are three patterns of argumentative essay structure. According to programming homework help experts all of them are opened with a thesis statement and closed with a conclusion. The difference is only in the sequence of pros and cons given.

Due to the first pattern, you give two supporting ideas and then provide opposing idea with refutations. The structure of the second pattern is quite opposite: cons with refutations are indicated first, and then you can move to pros. The third pattern is the most widely used, and it sequentially represents three or more cons with refutations.

Logic Is Your Trump Card
Remember, your argumentative essay should be persuasive and logic. Generally, this kind of essays is used to assess the ability of the student to think logically, to make conclusions and to pick up the fact to support ideas.

More: https://studydaddy.com/psychology-homework-help

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