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22/1/2021 03:17
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Everything You Need To Know About ESA Le
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Everything You Need To Know About ESA Letter

An emotional support animal letter (ESA) is a prescription that is recommended by a licensed physician or therapist. Through this letter, a person can easily travel or live with their pet without any difficulty. Any animal that can be kept as a pet is an emotional support animal. If you have any mental health disorder, then consult your therapist and get an emotional support dog letter. It is given to those who have any mental health problems.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA is a type of animal that is different from service animals. They did not receive any training. ESA provides emotional support to people who have Mental disorders. They provide joy and companionship. An emotional support animal is the best way to manage your mental health condition. ESA is an animal that helps someone with psychiatric or mental issues. ESA is the part of the treatment that brings comfort and reduces the person’s emotional disability’s negative symptoms.

What is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

An ESA letter is a legal document that registered your domestic pet as an ESA and permitted you to live and fly with them without any restrictions. ESA letter provides rights to your and your emotional support animal. A therapist or psychiatrist should prescribe a legal ESA letter. It should be issued by a registered mental health professional.

An ESA letter is not issued to anyone but can be given to those who have an emotional or mental disability. But the ESA owner needs to know the difference between fake and legal ESA letters. A fake ESA letter has no worth. If you have a fake ESA letter, you might face problems, and your money can not be refunded.

A real ESA letter contains the following details:

Should type on the mental health professionals letterhead

Include doctors name, clinic address, registered license number, and medical license number

Type of medical license

The type of animal

The date the letter was issued

If these details should be correct, then the ESA letter is legal. If anyone details are missing, it could be a fake ESA letter.

The airlines require the therapist to include the following information:

Breed of the animal (Cats and dogs are accepted in flights)

Weight of the animal

Why you require to travel with animal

Who can qualify for an ESA Letter?

If anyone has been diagnosed with an emotional disability, then he/she legally qualifies for an ESA letter. The ESA letter must be written on the professional letterhead with the name of the therapist, number, signature, and date of issuance. Some of the disabilities include:



PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Social Phobia

Fright Disorder

Postpartum Depression

Bipolar Disorder Problem

Learning disorders Problem

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Mental retardation

General Anxiety Disorder

How to get a valid ESA Letter?

The ESA letter is issued by the licensed mental health professional. To obtain the ESA letter without any inconvenience, consult the certified mental health professional, they prescribe the ESA letter. You can also get the ESA letter online. Here are the few steps that are required for getting the ESA letter online.

Sign up and register on a website that gives the legitimate letter

Fill up a form

Consult your doctor online

Once they approve, you get the ESA letter online in a few minutes through email.

Numerous airlines and the landlords will accept a verification form by a doctor. The landlord and the airline can confirm the emotional support animal letter by contacting the doctor directly.

Benefits of ESA Letter

ESA provides you with emotional support; you should avail of numerous benefits from the ESA letter.

Live with your Pet Legally

According to the Fair Housing Act, you can easily live with an emotional support animal in homes, apartments, and condos, etc. where pets are not allowed. If you have an ESA letter, then you can live with your pet legally. The owner of the ESA cannot be charged extra fees.

Travel In-Cabin

With an ESA letter, you can easily fly with your emotional support animal without paying any additional costs. Your emotional support animal sits on your lap or at your feet during the flight’s entire duration. Airlines did not charge extra fees, but your ESA companion remains calm and under control at all times. The ESA owner requires some preparation and knows all the guidelines when traveling with a pet.

No Training Required

No special training for your pet is required if you have an ESA letter. An emotional support dog does not require any special training. The only requirement for an Emotional support dog (ESD) are:

ESD should behave well.

ESD should not harm or disturb anyone.

Everyday Chores Made Simpler

Many public places like hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores are not allowed pets. But if you have an ESA letter, then your emotional support animal is allowed, and you can easily accomplish your daily chores.

Difference between ESA and Service Dog

There is a big difference between a service dog and an ESA. A service dog is prescribed to disabled patients, and the owner can be taken anywhere.

An ESA is prescribed to those who have mental issues. ESA dogs accompany a patient in their home or apartment. ESA dogs are allowed on commercial air flights, and they provide an ESA letter in advance of departing on the aircraft.

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