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Obtenez 1000 visiteurs rapidement !
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20/10/2021 04:26
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27/6/2021 22:51
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28/12/2020 20:30
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Shark NV360 Review
Why should you invest in Shark NV360?

This shark navigator lift-away nv360 has everything essential features and attachments to clean and vacuum your whole house.

This is a powerful and convenient upright vacuum cleaner because you can use it to clean both bare floor and carpet. It comes with many accessories that help you vacuum hard-to-reach areas, especially since this device has many advanced technologies.

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Roll down to discover more in details:

The Shark NV360’s features

Thanks to the lift-away feature, its detachable portable canister allows you to maneuver easily.

Although shark nv360k navigator lift away deluxe professional bagless vacuum has a power cord, its 25ft cord is long enough to vacuum a large area without having to plug and unplug regularly.

Meanwhile, the swivel steering feature improves portability because it lets you move around your furniture effortlessly and quickly.

This vacuum cleaner is integrated with the complete seal anti-allergen technology that can trap all dirt and dust inside the machine without blowing back into the air. Besides, this model also has HEPA filtration that can keep all dust in the dirt cup as well.

When it comes to accessories, you have a dusting brush, a crevice tool, an under appliance wand, and a pet hair power brush in the package.

Finally, though this dirt cup is big enough to hold a large amount of dust and dirt, it’s better to empty this cup when it’s half of the cup.

The Shark NV360’s specifications

Manufacturer: Shark

Dimensions: 15 X 11.4 X 45.5 Inches

Shipping weight: 20,1 pounds

Weight: 13 pounds

Assembly required: No

Power type: 25 feet cord

Filter type: HEPA

Dust capacity: Large

Dust collection: Detachable canister

Cleaning method: dry

Cleaner type: upright vacuum cleaner


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The warranty and certifications’ Shark NV360

When purchasing this product, you will have a 5-year limited warranty. This warranty is just valid when you use it for a normal household. Pay attention that this warranty is invalid for normal wear of part and damages caused by commercial use.

If your Shark NV360 doesn’t work under household conditions in five years of warranty, it’s okay to return the whole model.

In case you have any problem with your machine, don’t hesitate to contact the company and the manufacturer’s customer service to ask for help. Please not fix the machine yourself, or the 5-year warranty doesn’t cover your vacuum cleaner anymore.

Pros and cons


Works effectively and quickly

Packed all essential accessories


Easy to use


Shorter cord compared to other Shark vacuum cleaners

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Now, have you understood why this blue Shark vacuum is the best cleaning solution?

If not, here is the short information below:

This machine is lightweight and straightforward to use. Even it has a wonderful combination of HEPA filtration and a canister that can hold all dirt and dust inside the machine.

I strongly recommend this model for picking up pet hair, small particles, even bigger crumbles, dirty floors, carpets, and stairs as well.

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