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6/12/2020 04:40
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How to create a Telegram Channel and how
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If you still don't use Telegram channels, this article is for you. Find out what they are, how they work and how to create your own Telegram channel to carry out marketing actions.
Telegram is an instant messaging application of Russian origin, born in 2013 as an alternative to WhatsApp and that last April 2020 reached the figure of 400 million active users worldwide , 100 million more than in 2019.
This figure places Telegram, if we talk about the number of users, above consolidated social networks such as Snapchat, Pinterest or Twitter.

Image: Telegram
What is a Telegram Channel?
One of the most interesting functions at the marketing level of Telegram are the channels. Telegram channels are a tool that allows you to spread messages to a large audience.
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They can be public (anyone can find them by searching and joining) or private (invitation required) and differ from groups in the following:
• have no member limit
• only the creator and administrators can send messages
• the messages sent are signed with the name of the channel and not the user
• new members can see all message history
• Each message has a counter that is updated every time the message is viewed (that is, you can know the impressions of your publications).

How does it work?
Always under control
Only the channel creator and administrators can send messages , so the conversation is always under control.
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Automatic notifications
Every time a message is posted on the channel , members receive an automatic notification informing them of new content posted.
Files and storage
Telegram allows you to share an unlimited number of images, audio, video and any type of file up to 1.5 GB . Also, the platform offers unlimited cloud storage for free qnnit.
Multiplatform operation
You can post from your computer. Telegram can be installed on different devices for simultaneous use and has fully functional desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. WhatsApp, for example, requires that the mobile is turned on and connected to the network.
Automation through bots
The bots Telegram are third - party applications (can create your own bot) that run within the platform and automate many tasks . A very powerful function that you should definitely take advantage of.
How to create a Telegram channel?
Creating your own channel on Telegram is a very simple and very fast process . Follow the next steps:
On Android, click on New message < New channel or through Menu <New channel. From here choose the name of the channel, add an image and description, select the type of channel (public or private), define the permanent link, add subscribers and that's it!
On iOS , go to the Chats <New message <New channel tab and follow the same steps as on Android.
On Windows, Mac or Linux , make sure you have the Telegram app installed, open it and click Menu <New Channel.

Telegram as a marketing tool
Although Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp (two billion users, five times bigger), it has certain functions that make it a very useful tool for carrying out marketing actions.
Increase your reach
You will be able to reach an audience that you would not reach through other communication media . In addition, since the messages sent on the channel have a view meter that includes the forwarding, you will be able to know the scope of your messages at all times.


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